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The Graduate Program at the University of São Paulo is based on two modalities: stricto sensu and lato sensu.

The lato sensu program - or specialization - aims mostly at technical and professional improvement within a narrower knowledge area (in Psychiatry, it includes the Medical Residency). Focused on academic research, the stricto sensu program (Master's and Doctorate) is committed to the production of knowledge and the preparation of researchers with wide proficiency in their fields. Master's and PhD programs differ in their approach by the researches' broadness and depth. Having a Master's degree is not a requirement for joining the PhD Program. The PhD thesis has to be based on innovative investigation.

In the Department of Psychiatry, the Graduate Program started in 1973 with the Master's Degree; PhD Program began in 1979. It was initially conceived for physicians, but since 2002, different kinds of professionals from other fields have joined the program: Psychology, Occupation Therapy, Social Sciences, Biological Sciences, Pharmacy, Physics, and others.

So far 220 students have earned a Master's degree and 129, the PhD degree. There are currently 72 enrolled students, 38 in the Master's course and 34 in the PhD course, from which almost half has financial aid provided by the main agencies in the State of São Paulo (e.g., Fapesp) and in Brazi (CNPq and CAPES).

Our faculty has 28 credentialed supervisors, among regular staff members and collaborators, whose academic interests focus on the following research fields:

  1. Psychiatric Epidemiology
  2. Psychiatric Genetics
  3. Neurosciences and Psychophysiology
  4. Neuroimaging in Psychiatry
  5. Clinical Psychiatry and Psychopathology
  6. Clinical Psychopharmacology and other Biological Treatments
  7. Psychotherapy
  8. Alcoholism and Substance Use Disorder
  9. Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
  10. Geriatric Psychiatry

Prof. Dr. Beny Lafer is the current coordinator of the Graduate Program at the Department of Psychiatry.

The program is annually evaluated by the national agency CAPES. In the last six years, it was graded 6 (international level), the highest mark. For further information about the evaluation of graduate programs by CAPES, click here (in Portuguese only).

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